Base Grammar Checker Addon

What is it?

It is in a very early stage, but the plans is to have it working by the end of September.

How to use

The sample Addon

Download the latest file from our download page. Use 3 Extension Manager to install it. You don't need to unzip it!

Warning: The sample Addon is not working because we had to modify its pom.xml to don't add the RegistrationClassName to the JAR manifest.

The Grammar Checker Addon Library

Download the latest (or other format) from our download page.

The contents of it is a set of files to make easier the creation of a Grammar Checker for OOo using Java UNO bridge.

The file properties/ is the file you should configure your Addon properties, like suported locales, name etc.

The folder addon contain files that should be in the root of your addon. They should be filtered using

The folder addon-to-override is a set of files with contents you should create. Copy your set of files to your addon root.

Finally implement your Addon Main and don't forget to add to your jar manifest the RegistrationClassName. Copy your jar to the Addon root. The Addon should be a zipped file with extension ".oxt".

A sample of Main class should be found here: and also here

The project CoGrOO 3 uses Base Grammar Checker Addon and should be take as usage a sample.